Benefits of Pediatric Physical Therapy


Physical limitations can happen to children through various injuries, disorders, or illness which can be overwhelming for a family. Physical therapy for kids improve all kinds of functions from handwriting to walking and speech. Each child is unique, so whether it is a temporary debilitation, or permanent, a physical therapist can help your child improve their quality of life and physical capabilities.

Healing from Physical Injuries

Kids can get hurt from anything: typical everyday activities, sports injuries, and even more serious events such as car accidents. Healing can take time and physicians will recommend physical therapy if they feel it is something that will help the child regain

  • Strength
  • Endurance
  • Balance
  • Range of motion, and more

A variety of therapeutic methods are available that can assist a child in healing and regaining the skills necessary to move forward in life. Pediatric physical therapists will also educate parents on how to utilize certain exercises and skills while at home.

Genetic and Developmental Disorders

Physical therapy is the perfect way to help children that suffer from genetic or developmental delays and disorders. Noticeable delays in learning to walk, talk, and partake in activities can point to conditions like autism, or other types of disorders that require early intervention. Routine physical therapy can improve the likelihood that the child can accomplish many goals on their own, without constant assistance.

Neurological Injuries and Disorders

Severe neurological injuries and disorders can leave a child, and their family devastated. A kid can go from being active and rambunctious to dependent on the parent for every need. Physical therapy can break through the barriers of neurological dysfunction and bring movement and responsiveness back to the child. Physical therapy specialists work with each family one-on-one to improve the quality of life and increase the independent abilities of each child. As the child gradually begins to respond and reach milestones, it is very exciting for family members.

Orthopedics and Prosthetics

Pediatric physical therapists are highly-skilled at working with children that are undergoing life-altering orthopedic procedures that will require them to use prosthetic limbs. Adjusting to a new prosthetic takes time and patience. Physical therapists can help your child with:

  • Learning to use artificial limbs
  • Learning the use of other orthopedic prosthetic devices
  • Improving posture with spinal injuries and disorders
  • Pigeon-toe and bow-legged correction, and more

Pediatric Physical Therapy has endless benefits. Whether the condition is acute or chronic, a knowledgeable physical therapist will help provide the tools and knowledge that will help your child to thrive. Physical therapists that work with children can provide fun and engaging environments that your child will look forward to.

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