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Comprehensive Physical Therapy Exams

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We Provide a Comprehensive Evaluation

The foundation of a good treatment program is an accurate and thorough diagnosis of the health problem.

We provide a comprehensive musculoskeletal examination that carefully reviews the following systems in your body:

  • Muscles and tendons
  • Ligaments, joint capsules, and cartilage
  • Spinal discs
  • Nervous system
  • Circulatory system
  • Osseous System

We review each of these systems because each heal at different rates and each tissue requires a different stimulus (type of movement) to heal.

A whiplash injury from a motor vehicle accident is one example of a condition which requires a thorough connective tissue evaluation. In spite of initial symptoms that may be fairly insignificant, you are dealing with a complex injury. A whiplash injury typically damages nerves, blood vessels, muscles, and connective tissue in your spine. There may be a spinal instability, causing further trauma to muscles, nerves, and ligaments. All of these dysfunctions and tissue injuries need to be addressed for complete healing.

We take into consideration the healing stage you are in. If your tissues are inflamed and actively repairing, we use gentle motions to keep nutrients coming into the area and to pump waste products away. If we are treating a chronic condition, we review your mechanics, weakness, and restrictions that limit your function. We use controlled resistance on the tissues that need to get thicker to withstand greater forces.

Body Mechanics Evaluation

Body movement should be assessed to prevent future recurrence of injury. For example, if a joint is not moving appropriately, there is risk for fibrosis, scarring, and loss of motion. On the other hand, excessive joint movement can lead to spinal instability and stretching of the ligaments that support your spine. Both can cause pain, compensation patterns, and an inability to heal.

Trained Evaluators

The New Heights physical therapy staff has extensive postgraduate training in how to perform a comprehensive examination and evaluation.
We are also trained and experienced in taking medical histories, and we understand how systemic illnesses may contribute to the symptoms of your injury. For example, environmental toxicity, endocrine imbalances, or chronic disease may contribute to inflammation or limit your healing capacity. If indicated by the results of your evaluation, we can refer you to a physician or other health care practitioner in order to address these health issues that can limit your healing capacity.


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