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Post Operative Physical Therapy

Surgery can do wonderful things for the human body–from cancer treatments to hip replacements, surgical operations have an enormous capability to save lives and improve quality of life. Recovering from surgery can be a long process, involving a variety of methods. Depending on your type of surgery and your doctor’s recommendations, physical therapy may be prescribed to help you recover and heal.

How Can Post Operative Physical Therapy Help?

New Heights Physical Therapy Plus provides total care, looking at the entire body–from how you use muscle groups to why you use those groups. We help with recovery and physical improvement on a large scale, seeking comprehensive solutions to heal your physical condition. Depending on your condition or surgery, you may have other muscles that have weakened or even atrophied–physical therapy is used to strengthen those muscles and surrounding tissues, making sure your body can start working in harmony again.

Factors Involved with Post Op Recovery

There are a number of physical factors that determine your recovery, and possible complications, including:

  • Your specific injury or condition
  • The part of the body affected
  • How long you were experiencing adverse symptoms
  • Your age
  • Your physical condition, both before and after the surgery

These factors will be carefully considered by your doctor and your physical therapist, to determine which exercises you will benefit from, and the intensity of the exercises allowed. And remember: recovery is different for everyone! Formal physical therapy can be very helpful for a lot of post op patients, but it may not be right for everyone. Consulting with your surgeon and doctor is the first step toward determining if physical therapy is right for you and your body.

Post Surgery Rehabilitation

Here are just some of the surgeries that physical therapy can help with:

  • Arthroscopy
  • Soft tissue repair
    • Typically involving torn ligaments and tendons.
  • Joint replacement
    • In which a damaged joint is replaced with a prosthesis.
  • Revision joint surgery
    • In which a preexisting joint implant is changed with a new one.
  • Bone fracture repair with internal fixation
    • When broken pieces of bone are re-positioned using metal plates, screws, or pins.
  • Debridement
    • During which damaged soft tissues or bones are removed.
  • Fusion of bones
    • In which bones are fused with grafts.
  • Spine fusion
    • During which the spinal bones (vertebrae) are joined together.
  • Osteotomy
    • Aimed at correcting bone deformities.

There are many more post operative situations where physical therapy can help. Major surgeries involving an injury or a significant change to the body (whether skeletal or muscular) will generally require some kind of physical therapy to improve recovery, whether through at-home exercises or with a formal therapy program.

How We Treat — Post Surgery Rehabilitation

The therapists at New Heights Physical Therapy Plus will work with you and your doctor to create a recovery plan. By studying your muscle movements and leading you through exercises, we can improve muscle condition, strengthen your body, and gently aid in your recovery.

If you’re recovering from a surgery, we’ll help you to continually evaluate your pain levels, your rate of healing, and any complications, moving forward together to complete your recovery plan. We’ll also work with you on strengthening exercises, to avoid future injuries!

Professional Help for Post Operative Physical Therapy

The physical therapists at New Heights are here for you! We know how important it is for your body to move and feel the best that it can, and we would love to help you recover and build strength. If you’re curious about what post operative physical therapy can do for you, give us a call to schedule your free consultation! At New Heights Physical Therapy Plus, we strive to create the ideal healing environment for our patients. Our team is dedicated to helping patients recover by providing exceptional care.

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