New Heights Physical Therapy offers bike fittings in Portland OR and Vancouver WA.

Cycling is a popular pastime for many. A lot of people even rely on biking for commuting to work and school! Whether you take advantage of cycling for your health, or simply as a cheaper way to get to work, you’ll be happy to know that you are doing more than strengthening your body, burning calories, and saving on gasoline. When you choose to cycle regularly, you may be significantly improving your mental health!

You May See Mood Improvements With Cycling

As you exercise, your body produces special hormones called endorphins, which are the “feel good” hormones of the body. Your brain also produces serotonin and dopamine, two of the hormones within the brain responsible for mood stability and happiness. All three of these can surge in your brain with regular exercise. They may help your mood remain stable and elevated, making cycling a great way to maintain your mental health and even combat your down days.

Cycling Can Decrease Stress

Not only will your “feel good” hormones rise, but the stress hormone cortisol will decrease with aerobic exercise. Stress reduction decreases your chance of developing other ailments that are tied to raised cortisol, such as inflammatory diseases. Biking can help you relax and let your worries go.

Cycling Can Improve Brain Growth

Riding a bike can improve blood flow throughout your body, including to your brain. As blood pumps more vigorously into your brain, new capillaries slowly grow, helping your brain receive more oxygen and nutrients, which in turn can help grow new brain cells. Over time, this habit can help you think more clearly and may even decrease memory loss.

Take Advantage of a Bike Fitting for the Best Results

As you get healthier through continued cycling, your body will start to reflect this positive change, and you may feel your self-confidence rising. You will feel great about doing something so good for your body.

Of course, cycling also benefits you physically. Science has proven that it is good for your heart and lungs, while also strengthening your bones and muscles. However, if your bike does not fit you well, you may end up with aches and pains rather than with a strong, flexible body.

At New Heights Physical Therapy, we offer professional bike fitting to help you get a comfortable ride that aligns your body, helping you and your cycle work together. We can look at your bike size, frame, and handlebar setup, as well as the way you ride your bike, to get you the right adjustments. We have a physical therapist who specializes in bike fittings and cycling injuries, so you’ll get expert care, as usual! Contact us today to schedule your fitting, and discover what cycling for mental health may do for you!

Cycling for Mental Health in Portland OR and Vancouver WA

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