Chi-Running: Increase Mileage & Speed While Preventing Injuries. New Heights Physical Therapy in Vancouver WA and Portland OR.

Running has really gotten a bad rap as the cause of injuries —a recent Runners World poll revealed that 66% of respondents had suffered an injury in 2009. Other sources put the yearly injury rate up to 82%. Now that’s an epidemic!

However, it’s really the way we run, along with weaknesses and tight areas that cause joint, muscle, tendon, and even lower back pain.

There is a remedy for this, but it’s not found in new shoes, wonder drugs, expensive injections, surgery, or to stop running! The key is to get to the root cause, which is how we run.

Imagine what it would feel like if you could:

  • Learn to run with better form and minimal impact and injury risk within hours, not days or months (or with a new pair of shoes)
  • Stop suffering from nagging knee pain, hip pain, shin splints, and IT band syndrome forever
  • Dramatically increase your mileage and speed while also decreasing your exertion

What Is Chi-Running?

Biomechanical analyses of elite and ultra-marathon runners reveal the secret to their efficiency is minimal use of the leg muscles for propulsion, decreasing impact. In ChiRunning®, the optimal cadence is 170-180 steps/minute, which is much higher than most runners we see. Studies show that impact through the lower portion of the body increases as step rate decreases. With appropriate training and improvement in cadence, impact on the body will decrease. The increased cadence is easily followed with a metronome and results in less time absorbing impact with the ground. This also creates a more vertical leg posture at initial contact, which reduces braking impulse and knee extensor moment.

Posture found in conventional running vs. Chi-Running techniques


ChiRunning® takes concepts from the ancient martial art of Tai Chi which can be applied to any sport, especially running, creating fluid movement around a well-aligned posture and strong, stable core. ChiRunning® goes beyond traditional running training by incorporating energy efficiency and injury prevention techniques into your running form.  You will learn to use your core muscles while relaxing the rest of your body, utilizing gravity (not your legs) to propel you forward.  This sets up conditions for the “Chi” or energy to flow, creating less effort, less impact, and less pain running.

For those with a current injury, all 3 locations of New Heights PT offer great treatments to help improve tissue healing while we work to get you on the road again.

Our PT, Trent Corey, will be leading a series of Chi-Running workshops. Visit the Chi-Running website for more information and to register for classes. 

Don’t Be A Part of the Running Injury Epidemic: Chi-Running in Portland OR and Vancouver WA

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