Glisan Street Clinic Makes Full Recovery!

New Heights’ Glisan Street Clinic spent the better part of 2014 in rehab, and we’re happy to announce its successful recovery to functional use.

Here’s the evaluation and treatment plan we prescribed for the building.

Step 1:  Perform a thorough evaluation.

Aging building presents with hypermobile joists, structural instability, and generalized ugliness.

Prior to the onset of this problem the building was a feed store and sheet metal supply store.

Current limitations were brought on by 100 years of constant use and an inadequate maintenance program.

Building attractiveness is rated 0/10 and neighbors describe it as a sharp, constant eyesore.

IMG-20140131-01945Montavilla shelvingMontavilla before2Exterior before rehab

Step 2:  Tests and Measures

Owners’ pain is rated at 9/10 and is described as aching and constant.  It is exacerbated by innumerable hours of dismantling, cutting, planing, sanding, joining, and staining thousands of board feet of ancient clear grain fir to makes desks, tables, cabinets, and other clinic furnishings.

Building demonstrates poor posture and upper floor dysfunction secondary to first floor instabilities.

Support beams and stairs are recommended.

decon3Donna planingdecon4removing wood floors

pit from hell20140110_115318

Step 3: Plan of Care

Planned Interventions:

Prescribe quality manual therapy, joist stabilization, and therapeutic activities to improve functional performance.

Improve energy efficiency by installing Energy Trust of Oregon’s highest rated heating and cooling system and LED lighting.

Make building solar ready.

Install skylights to optimize energy efficiency and reduce Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Paint every surface and use a really rad color to address impairments in appearance.

0289.25.14 hvac gym floor0127.21.14 mezzanine construction

Step 4: Discharge after 7x/week for 52 weeks.  (364 visits) 

The building has achieved the following functional outcomes:

  • Structural stability and space for 20 staff members, other healing arts practitioners, and numerous patients.
  • 100% increase in size of gym floor for improved floor performance.
  • Improved size and number of private treatment rooms.
  • 7000 sq. ft. for unlimited rehabilitation, athletic assessment, and community wellness activities.
  • 100% increase in massage and structural integration appointment times.
  • Brighter working conditions for staff and patients.
  • 1200 sq. feet of green space planting beds for improved regeneration and tissue growth.
  • Conference room for manual therapy continuing education and community wellness classes.
  • Convenient central location with easy freeway access off 1-84 and improved parking.

IMG_2891IMG_2847IMG_2835IMG_2812IMG_2809IMG_9347 IMG_9350 pilates

Owners report their fatigue has resolved, their marriages are intact, and pain is rated at 0/10.

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