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Injury Rehabilitation

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Injury rehabilitation is the restoration and function of an injured body part. No matter what type of injury you’ve suffered, the best and most effective forms of injury rehabilitation are through physical therapy.

The 4 Stages of Injury Rehabilitation

Injury rehabilitation is effective for proper recovery. Although the best treatment plans are tailored to each patient, the general framework is relatively the same and is broken down into four stages.

  1. Rest & Protect Injury
    The first stage of injury rehabilitation is about preventing further injury and allowing your body to begin healing. The body’s first response to an injury is pain and inflammation. Controlling these responses will help protect your injury and prevent further damage. This stage will often include rest, ice, and medication to control pain and swelling such as NSAIDs. Slings, casts, and medical tape may also be used to protect the injury.
  2. Recover Your Motion
    Pain, inflammation, and swelling after an injury or surgery can impact mobility. Stretching too far or overexertion may slow or reverse the healing process. Specific flexibility training and stretching techniques may be used during this stage to improve range of motion.
  3. Recover Your Strength
    It’s very common after an injury for patients to experience muscle weakness and fatigue. Minimizing muscle loss and maintaining cardiovascular endurance is very important during injury rehabilitation which is why arm cycling, one-legged stationary cycling, and pool exercises are often part of a rehabilitation program.
  4. Recover Your Function
    The last stage of injury rehabilitation is performing activities and movements necessary when the patient returns to the field or work. Exercises to restore coordination, agility, and balance may be used in addition to sport-specific training.

We accept major insurance plans

We’re focused on helping you feel your best, not overwhelmed with medical bills. We offer flexible payment options and accept most major insurance plans.

Start Rehab with Exercise Bands

Exercise bands are an excellent and affordable tool that can help you begin your recovery process. Learn more about how they can help your injury.

We partner with our patients to engage, educate, and empower them about their physical health issues.
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Why Undergo Injury Rehabilitation

We understand that when you injure yourself, you want to get moving again as soon as possible. This is why we recommend injury rehabilitation. When you work with our physical therapy team, we’ll assess your injury and create a personalized treatment plan, carefully tracking your progress throughout.

With a customized injury rehabilitation program in place, you’ll heal and restore your function, mobility, and strength faster than you would alone.

Personalized Injury Rehabilitation

If you’ve been injured and want to make a complete and timely recovery, following a customized injury rehabilitation schedule is crucial. Without an effective treatment plan in place, your recovery process may take longer. To learn more about our services or set up a consultation, contact us today.

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Nick Ing is the best physical therapist in town. It’s evident from his work that he cares deeply for his patients and their recovery as it relates to their activity and profession. Nick is also just pleasant to be around. Nick helped me recover both from knee surgery and a bicycle hit and run. As a local athlete, I’ve never felt better after his help! Thank you to Nick and the tire NH team for all they do! ✨🙏❤️
Adam Shumaker

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New Heights Physical Therapy Plus is proud to offer two locations for your physical therapy needs in East Portland and Vancouver.

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