Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain may be directly caused by the shoulder joint itself or by its surrounding tendons, ligaments or muscles. Shoulder pain that is exacerbated with arm movement is most likely related to the shoulder joint.

To help determine if you have a shoulder injury, you may want to ask yourself these questions:

Can you move your arm around normally without pain or stiffness?
Does it feel as if your shoulder could pop out of its socket?
Is your shoulder swelling, or are your hands tingly?

Why Does My Shoulder Pop?

Sometimes the grinding and popping of a shoulder is due to everyday use and changes over time, other times it can be as a result of inflammation or damage. If your shoulder hurts when it pops, you may have suffered a serious injury.

My Shoulder Burns/Aches

If you’re experiencing intense pain, you may have sustained a serious shoulder injury. Common shoulder injuries include dislocation, separation, cartilage tear, fracture, rotator cuff tear, and bursitis

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