Physical Therapy After Breast Surgery

Keep Scar Tissue Under Control After Surgery

physical therapy after breast surgery in Portland OR and Vancouver WAPhysical Therapy After Breast Surgery

New Heights physical therapy program is for any woman who has undergone breast surgery including mastectomy with or without reconstruction, reduction, biopsy and lumpectomy. If you are experiencing pain, limitations in movement, or have concerns about your scar tissue, make an appointment with Gema Sanchez, New Heights physical therapist with over 10 years’ experience in improving women’s lives after breast surgery.

After a thorough evaluation, Gema works one-on-one with clients to educate them about the recovery process and to develop an individualized physical therapy plan. She uses manual therapy techniques, such as myofascial release and scar release techniques to address pain, scar tissue, underarm cording (ropelike structures under the skin), and tissue restrictions.

Why Physical Therapy?

The body’s way of healing from surgery is to develop scar tissue, and physical therapy can be very effective at improving scar appearance and mobility. Releasing tissue restriction is important to the tissue’s overall health, and decreases the risk of developing complications like limited shoulder motion and negative changes in posture.

For many patients, a common therapy goal is to restore proper arm and shoulder function after surgery. Our individualized exercise program focuses on developing arm and shoulder range of motion and strength to improve the body’s biomechanics and return the patient to normal daily and recreational activities as soon as possible.

For women who have had breast reconstruction surgery, pectoral muscle lengthening is a beneficial treatment technique to accommodate breast implants and allow for full shoulder range of motion without altering shoulder biomechanics. It also helps to improve patient comfort while undergoing implant fills, and allows the fills to proceed with less delay.

About the Treatment

Treatment can begin once the scar is stable and bandages have been removed, generally no earlier than three to four weeks following surgery. In clinic treatment is typically once or twice a week, and involves manual therapy techniques, including myofascial release, scar release techniques, and therapeutic exercise.
Patients are given an individualized home exercise program based on each client’s needs to improve strength and range of motion. Gema works with each client to meet her functional goals including return to household and yard tasks, work, and recreational activities.

About Gema:

Gema has worked as a physical therapist for 25 years and with women following breast surgery for over 10 years. She has worked in the areas of wound and scar healing and neurological rehabilitation, in addition to many years of work with musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction. She is passionate about helping women return to their full, normal lives without pain and with the best appearance and mobility of reconstruction surgical scarring possible.


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Physical Therapy After Breast Surgery in Portland OR and Vancouver WA

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