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Julie Listens
Location: Beaverton
Service Performed: PT

The human body is a wondrous thing. If something is damaged ,injured or for some reason can/will not work, the body recruits other muscles o do the job. Which is nice, until it isn't. Things hurt, other compensations are made......and down the rabbit hole we go. Julie listens and if she does not have an immediate answer, she will come back with one. She's also OK with saying, "I don't know." However, she does not easily let things go and is with you all the way.

She starts with the basics and builds you up from there. Listening, all the time. Great qualities for any health practitioner.

Fantastic PT
Location: East PDX
Service Performed: Back pain/Achilles/Bike fit

Brooke is an athlete and understands how important it is to be able to do all the activities I love. She is careful and understanding and very knowledgeable. Whenever I have an injury she helps me get moving again quickly. I highly recommend her services.

Location: Westside
Service Performed: Physical Therapy

I've been seeing Julie for approximately 1.5 years for osteoporosis in my back and general low back pain. I'm so grateful for the amazing results I've had in working with her. She has helped me develop an excellent strength training program; her in-depth knowledge has been invaluable. She provides detailed explanations of each exercise and "why" the technique is important which helps tremendously in my home practice. Her detailed diagrams and written instructions are extremely helpful as well. Julie is positive, encouraging, enthusiastic, flexible and fun. She "pushes" me just the right amount. I am a long time yoga practitioner and also appreciate her integration of my yoga practice and strength training. My low back pain is essentially gone and I'm thrilled.

Julie is Amazing for Core & Backs
Location: Cornell
Service Performed: physical therapy & dry needling technique

I had spent 20 years seeing multiple PT's and even a few chiro's for my low back, pelvis, SI joint, and even knee pain. It took a lot of advocacy on my part to keep working with different ones because not all PT's are the same. Julie was one of the final two PT's that I worked with who helped me solve the riddle of what was going on. ( The PT I worked with before Julie helped me figure out that I had a 6mm anatomical discrepancy between my legs!) Julie taught me a technique that has allowed me to set my core properly and break apart some old patterns of holding my breath under stress and daily tasks. The dry needling technique was very cool, too, for an angry low back muscle. Some of the PT's I've seen can't really teach people how to set their core or troubleshoot what they may be doing wrong when trying to engage their abs the right way. While I still have to do my homework each day, I now feel that I am between 90 and 95% there of having excellent core contractions when doing my ab work. Part of my homework is also letting my abs have constant role in just basic breathing with everything I do. I would definitely recommend people to see Julie if you have low back or SI joint pain, or issues with proper core contraction.

Thankful for Julie!
Location: NW Portland
Service Performed: PT

I have worked with Julie on and off for the past 5 years for various issues related to fibromyalgia, pain in my neck & shoulders, and low back pain. She has taught me a great deal about my body and how proper breathing and technique is imperative to strengthening the body without injury. She is an excellent listener and her superior observation skills and knowledge allow her to hone in on which exercises would most benefit my needs. She is kind and an excellent teacher. I have benefited a great deal from my PT sessions with Julie. I am very thankful to have worked with her and I will continue to work with her as needed in the future.

If you want a great PT....

Location: West Side Clinic
Service Performed: Physical Therapy

Julie is a fabulous PT! She possesses a broad base of knowledge and a wide range of therapeutic interventions that she applies so competently in her practice. She's a great problem solver and actively engages the client in the therapeutic process.. She is supportive of unique needs, encouraging and customizes home programs that work. I have been working with Julie for several months with excellent results and highly recommend her to others.

Back in Action 🙂

Location: Glisan
Service Performed: Physical Therapy

Brook Flood helped me get past a knee injury, and along the way, also identified some other issues to work on that contributed to my knee problems. She got me past the injury, helped me avoid a surgery, and encouraged me with a kind and practical touch. THANK YOU!!!

Can't thank her enough

When it comes to physical therapy, Morgan Denny is an artist. I have long had problems with my neck and back and just assumed I had to live with them. In a handful of sessions, she zeroed in on the problems and fixed them. Not only did she teach me exercises to prevent future problems and pain, she has gotten me to DO them. No easy task when it comes to a guy who has basically lived his life like a brain in a jar. Morgan is a great therapist and a real inspiration. I can't thank her enough. She's the best! Plus, she's funny! Highest rating. Go see her!

New Heights Rocks!

New Heights PT rocks! They are knowledgeable, collaborative, and so friendly. They really listen and care about every patient. Thanks especially to both Candis and Chris who have provided me with real life times and I will continue to use always. And thanks for explaining things in laymen's terms - it's so helpful!

Thanks to Ron

Location: Cornell

I went to the Cornell road facility.They were great...Ron nailed the mystery pain I have been living with and gave me simple exercises to move me past the damage. AND, did I mention that It was a free evaluation (celebrating their 20 years of service. Thanks guys!

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