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Back in Action 🙂

Location: Glisan
Service Performed: Physical Therapy

Brook Flood helped me get past a knee injury, and along the way, also identified some other issues to work on that contributed to my knee problems. She got me past the injury, helped me avoid a surgery, and encouraged me with a kind and practical touch. THANK YOU!!!

Can't thank her enough

When it comes to physical therapy, Morgan Denny is an artist. I have long had problems with my neck and back and just assumed I had to live with them. In a handful of sessions, she zeroed in on the problems and fixed them. Not only did she teach me exercises to prevent future problems and pain, she has gotten me to DO them. No easy task when it comes to a guy who has basically lived his life like a brain in a jar. Morgan is a great therapist and a real inspiration. I can't thank her enough. She's the best! Plus, she's funny! Highest rating. Go see her!

New Heights Rocks!

New Heights PT rocks! They are knowledgeable, collaborative, and so friendly. They really listen and care about every patient. Thanks especially to both Candis and Chris who have provided me with real life times and I will continue to use always. And thanks for explaining things in laymen's terms - it's so helpful!

Thanks to Ron

Location: Cornell

I went to the Cornell road facility.They were great...Ron nailed the mystery pain I have been living with and gave me simple exercises to move me past the damage. AND, did I mention that It was a free evaluation (celebrating their 20 years of service. Thanks guys!

by Dr.Bunny Lorraine Wilson on New Heights Physical Therapy Plus

Taught Me To Walk Again!

Location: Beaverton Portland
Service Performed: Physical therapy

I met Ron Stibal again after he went to Advanced Pain Management when I broke my left hip & ankle. This time he had to teach me to walk again! I didn't think I would ever see my foot look like a normal foot & toes. He unwrapped the ace bandage.....said...." Walk like this!".....Got the old hip in shape too with exercises i still use. So,you got yourself a wonderful guy there.....he knows plenty about human anatomy & has people's best interest at heart.....congratulations!!!!!

Changed my life!

Donna has changed my life! I was skeptical at first because conventional physical therapy was not helping and I had reached a plateau in my recovery process. Upon the first visit I felt safe, welcome, and my body concerns were immediately validated. Donna’s knowledge about how the body responds to car accidents is state-of-the-art. I was guided through several unique and tailored exercises that helped me get my life back on track just when I thought it was not be possible. I regularly recommend her services to my friends and family and would not hesitate to recommend them to you as well.

Bike Fit

Location: Portland
Service Performed: Bike Fitting

Hi Morgan,I just wanted to reach out and say that your bike fit may have actually changed my life. 😀 My commute has gone from a once-a-week, arduous slog, to a joy that I look forward to every other day. What a difference a higher seat and a few tactics can make! By way of thank you, I wrote you a haiku.Lyndal// Way on high, she sitsSurveyor of all, a queenMaster of her wheels //

Thanks to Gema

Location: New Heights Glisan
Service Performed: PT for several issues; planned exercise

Gema Sanchez has worked with me for about 1-1/2 years and has helped me become pain-free and extensively more comfortable. Initially she worked on a very painful trapped nerve in my left leg, but has also worked on my right knee, which is bone on bone arthritic, and leg. She has done neck treatment when I had some lightheadednessand I have not had it since her treatment. Throughout this time she has recommended exercises and then changed them when my response was not good. I am now more strong and flexible as a result of her guidelines. In addition to all her expertise and experience, she is a delightful woman and I so enjoyed working with her.

I refer most of my patients needing physical therapy here

Great staff, great practitioners, great owners. I refer most of my patients needing physical therapy here. I like how they continue to learn and grow and think outside of the box.


Location: Vancouver

I needed physical therapy to recover from a tibial plateau fracture as a result of an auto accident. Having never needed physical therapy before I didn’t know what to expect. It’s been a refreshing experience. The welcoming professional team works together and encourages you to continually improve. They understand the challenges of recovery, working within your physiological limitations during the various stages of rehibilitation. There is great attention to cleanliness with equipment being cleaned after every patient including in-house laundry. My orthopedist even commented that it only takes a hour to put the bones back together, but it’s the weeks of physical therapy that really allow you to resume your life as you knew it before.I’m grateful that I chose the team at New Heights Physical Therapy in Vancouver for my recovery treatment.

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