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What is Sports Medicine for Bicycle-Related Injuries?

Sports medicine for bicycle-related injuries is a specialized field that cyclists can seek in order to restore full movement and function of injuries. In this field, the doctor or physical therapist requires special training in order to give the patient the fastest possible treatment to get them moving again. Bicycle-related injuries require specific treatment plans to ensure the patient can be cycling again in no time.

Bicycling requires strenuous use of leg bones and muscles. Common injuries include numb hands and toes, knee pain, lower back pain, and other aches and pains after riding. It’s important for cyclists to prevent pain and injuries from occurring in order to prevent more serious injuries. Prevention of injuries is just as important as treating injuries.

Bike Fit

An incredibly beneficial type of sports medicine for bicycle-related injuries is bike fit. Bike fit is a process that takes many factors into consideration. The following factors are taken into consideration:

  • Personal goals
  • Background and History
  • Musculoskeletal function
  • Assessment of current equipment

These are all aspects that need to be individually assessed for each patient. It’s vital to treat each patient with a specialized plan to meet their needs. Bike fit is a program that can be applied to all cyclists from casual, to professional athletes. As your body grows stronger, the bike fit program may be altered in order to account for strengthening of certain muscles. Ensuring the proper fit can enhance your performance and prevent serious injuries from occurring.

We have specially trained physical therapists in sports medicine for bicycle-related injuries. The links below give more detail for the services we provide:

Bike Fitting

Bike Injury Treatment

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