Trish Jilot, Physical Therapist

Trish Jilot
Physical Therapist

Trish Jilot, ASTYM

Trish Jilot graduated from the Physical Therapist Assistant program at Mt. Hood Community College in 2009. She has certifications in ASTYM, Kinesiotape and Level 1 Bike Fitting from BikePT.

She enjoys working with people and empowering them with the skills and knowledge they can use in their healing process. Watching movement patterns and finding discrepancies in order to solve dysfunctional movement patterns, is one thing she loves about working in the physical therapy field.

In her free time, she enjoys cycling with the all women’s team, Sorella Forte, running, cross country skiing and hiking. She also has a special place in her heart for dancers as her daughter is a passionate ballet dancer.

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3+ years later and still going strong

5 Stars

June 9, 2019 by Charlotte Woolard on New Heights Physical Therapy Plus

Marie Long did not treat an injury. She unraveled the root cause of a lifelong 'glitchy' back and gave me the tools that I have used to take care of myself for more than three years. I have hiked and run and danced and traveled, all with a confidence I could not have had without my time at New Heights. Marie, you and your team changed my life, and I am so grateful.

Help with meniscus repair recovery

5 Stars

May 3, 2019 by Sigrid Quinn on New Heights Physical Therapy Plus

The staff is helpful, friendly, welcoming, and make you feel comfortable. Nick Ing was my therapist and helped with getting my knee swelling down, accomplish more flexibility, strengthen muscles, and practice better balance. and posture. Everything improved with his help, and he gave me helpful exercises to continue to do on my own for becoming stronger...lots of good advice with detailed and understandable explanations.

Heals everything

5 Stars

December 21, 2018 by Rusty on New Heights Physical Therapy Plus

Heals everything

Incredible Team at New Heights Vancouver

5 Stars

December 1, 2018 by L. Clark on New Heights Physical Therapy Plus

Thanks to Krista and Mallorie at the Vancouver office, they have made every stage of progress feel like excellence. When working with this team one consistently finds oneself looking forward to every single session and always leaving feeling empowered. The phenomenal company at New Heights Vancouver are conscientious, empathetic, and challenge one in brilliant ways. I can not sing this troupe’s praises enough. Thank you all for putting the spring back in my step whilst making me laugh and smile along the way.

Successful neck treatment

5 Stars

November 28, 2018 by MIKE DORTHALINA on New Heights Physical Therapy Plus

I spent with few months in physical therapy in Vancouver with Krista and Mallory. I've had back and neck ailments for 14 years and had to undergo monthly massage therapy because of back spasms. Krista was able to diagnose and offer helpful stretching and strengthening exercises that have eliminated my need for monthly massage treatment. It has been six months now without a massage. I am very pleased with the competence of their staff.

Krista is an awesome therapist!

5 Stars

November 21, 2018 by Paula Allen on New Heights Physical Therapy Plus

I came to New Heights Physical Therapy on a referral from a friend and I’m so glad I did! Krista has been thorough, extremely competent and patient and kind. I have two areas that need help and she balances my therapy each visit. I couldn't recommend her more highly. Thank you!

Morgan Made All the Difference!

5 Stars

October 25, 2018 by Mary E on New Heights Physical Therapy Plus

Dear Donna,
This month I am celebrating one year’s worth of recovery from breaking both wrists last Fall. It is a celebration, indeed because, thankfully, of people like you and Morgan and Sue!

First, I owe you a debt of gratitude for accepting Medicare patients like me. Being able to move from a program administered by the limits of corporate protocol to a patient-centered recovery plan helped me shift into a more recovery-inducing mode. Acceptance here made all the difference. 

And then I met Morgan. That is where the can-do spirit started to take hold.  As my sessions with her unfolded, I gained deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of neural, muscular, skeletal, and soft tissue systems and my role in encouraging their participation. Sue’s creativity (& the several others in the gym) and jovial energy helped me implement an ever-inspiring array of actions for doing so. 

Yet it was the complete focus on me as a person that helped me re-engage my brain and, gently, understand there were trauma effects that needed rehab as well. 

The shock of that was softened by my visits in which Morgan’s sharing of her immense knowledge seemed always tailored precisely to what I needed next, and provided a greater context so that I could move forward with better understanding. 

And not a small part of this healing experience included the staff up front. Always friendly and smiling, they assisted in numerous ways to make this adventure run smoothly.

It has been fun to learn and rehab and grow in the presence of your people and your place. My life has not just come back to normal but is moving forward with new goals and greater function.

Thank you to New Heights for creating such a bright and healing space for coming back!  May your work here live long and thrive!

Best regards to all,
Mary E

Ron Stibal of New Heights was fantastic

5 Stars

August 1, 2018 by Ken Reese on New Heights Physical Therapy Plus

Ron Stibal of New Heights was fantastic in helping me to regain my mobility after a shoulder injury. His knowledge of how the human body works (particularly that my muscles had to first be "re-trained" how to function properly) really helped me to understand the rehabilitation plan. I also appreciate that he is a life-long learner who is in a quest to improve his skills. People who are passionate about what they do are generally the best in their profession, and Ron is a prime example. I enthusiastically recommend Ron and New Heights for any rehabilitation needs that one may have. If I ever have need of a future PT I know that Ron will be first on my list.

Ron is Awesome

5 Stars

July 18, 2018 by Ken Reese on New Heights Physical Therapy Plus

Ron Stibal was fantastic in helping me to regain my mobility after a shoulder injury. His knowledge of how the human body works (particularly that my muscles had to first be "re-trained" how to function properly) really helped me to understand the rehabilitation plan. I also appreciate that he is a life-long learner whois in a quest to improve his skills. People who are passionate about what they do are generally the best in their profession, and Ron is a prime example. I enthusiastically recommend Ron for any rehabilitation needs that one may have. If I ever have need of a future PT I know that Ron will be first on my list.

Krista knows her stuff!

5 Stars

June 14, 2018 by Sandi Edgmond on New Heights Physical Therapy Plus

Krista was extremely instrumental in my recovery from total hip replacement surgery and she really had her work cut out for her as I am one tough customer when it comes to listening (I forgot a lot of it even though she repeatedly went over it!) and doing what she asked of me (I was surprised at how creative I was at finding ways to not do my exercises!). She persevered and I am so glad she did because thanks to her, my hip is fully recovered and I am finally getting my life back! Thank you, Krista, for not giving up on me!!

Had the greatest experience

5 Stars

June 13, 2018 by Mesko Nagy on New Heights Physical Therapy Plus

Had the greatest experience with these amazing professionals. Very helpful and knowledgeable people at both locations I visited (Cornell and Glisan St.) Marie was the first one I've seen with lower back pain, she didn't only fix my back but also gave me specific exercises to do to strengthen my back muscles and prevent from future injuries. A couple years later when I had a shoulder injury I knew exactly who to turn to. The NW Cornell location was closer to me so I ended up seeing Ron. He knew exactly what was I talking about, what was the source of my pain, he was very patient even after I went back to the gym and sometimes doing more harm to myself than good 😜. He also looked at me as a whole, made sure my back and the muscles around my knee (from a previous injury) were strong enough to protect me from injuring myself and keep on having my active lifestyle. I'm very grateful to him for that! Scheduling my appointments with them was also very easy, always worked around my schedule. Already suggested to a couple of my friends who needed PT to go to New Heights and keep on spreading the word. 😊

Morgan Denny, the magician

5 Stars

May 30, 2018 by Chris Edwards on New Heights Physical Therapy Plus

I came to see Morgan Denny for a bicycle fitting as I was training for my first century ride. I was having knee issues along with my usual neck and shoulder problems. Morgan was able to make some adjustments that immediately solved the knee issue and allowed me to continue to train. We had a short follow up session where she fine tuned the initial adjustments and gave me some key thinking points to work and the neck and shoulder issue. I am happy to say that I completed my first century ride (104 miles) and I am confident in saying that I would not have been able to successfully complete the ride without the work that Morgan did.

Awesome people and treatment

5 Stars

May 24, 2018 by Jim Dow on New Heights Physical Therapy Plus

Krista took me from being in pain and skeptical about PT to almost pain free and an evangelist for PT at New Heights Physical Therapy in Vancouver. All of the staff was professional, attentive and compassionate. Krista would listen to me at each PT session and adjust my therapy treatment based on my feedback. I looked forward to each session and the incremental improvement of strength, flexibility and reduction of pain.

These folks are great!

5 Stars

May 2, 2018 by Richard Marshall on New Heights Physical Therapy Plus

These folks are great! I had two widely different challenges, and Ron knew exactly what to do for each. He kept coming up with different exercises as needed. There seems to be no limit to his knowledge, or to his repertoire of exercises. One of my challenges was in one hip and it was really subtle and complex. He took care of it, and all along the way helped me understand what he was striving to accomplish and why. Ron obviously loves his profession and he really cares about each client, and that seems to make all the difference. Plus, Ron is a really fine person, and I now consider him to be a dear friend.

Julie Listens

5 Stars

March 27, 2018 by Mary McEwen on New Heights Physical Therapy Plus

The human body is a wondrous thing. If something is damaged ,injured or for some reason can/will not work, the body recruits other muscles o do the job. Which is nice, until it isn't. Things hurt, other compensations are made......and down the rabbit hole we go. Julie listens and if she does not have an immediate answer, she will come back with one. She's also OK with saying, "I don't know." However, she does not easily let things go and is with you all the way. She starts with the basics and builds you up from there. Listening, all the time. Great qualities for any health practitioner.

Fantastic PT

5 Stars

March 15, 2018 by Bonnie on New Heights Physical Therapy Plus

Brooke is an athlete and understands how important it is to be able to do all the activities I love. She is careful and understanding and very knowledgeable. Whenever I have an injury she helps me get moving again quickly. I highly recommend her services.


5 Stars

March 4, 2018 by Patti Gillette on New Heights Physical Therapy Plus

I've been seeing Julie for approximately 1.5 years for osteoporosis in my back and general low back pain. I'm so grateful for the amazing results I've had in working with her. She has helped me develop an excellent strength training program; her in-depth knowledge has been invaluable. She provides detailed explanations of each exercise and "why" the technique is important which helps tremendously in my home practice. Her detailed diagrams and written instructions are extremely helpful as well. Julie is positive, encouraging, enthusiastic, flexible and fun. She "pushes" me just the right amount. I am a long time yoga practitioner and also appreciate her integration of my yoga practice and strength training. My low back pain is essentially gone and I'm thrilled.

Julie is Amazing for Core & Backs

5 Stars

March 4, 2018 by Kellie R on New Heights Physical Therapy Plus

I had spent 20 years seeing multiple PT's and even a few chiro's for my low back, pelvis, SI joint, and even knee pain. It took a lot of advocacy on my part to keep working with different ones because not all PT's are the same. Julie was one of the final two PT's that I worked with who helped me solve the riddle of what was going on. ( The PT I worked with before Julie helped me figure out that I had a 6mm anatomical discrepancy between my legs!) Julie taught me a technique that has allowed me to set my core properly and break apart some old patterns of holding my breath under stress and daily tasks. The dry needling technique was very cool, too, for an angry low back muscle. Some of the PT's I've seen can't really teach people how to set their core or troubleshoot what they may be doing wrong when trying to engage their abs the right way. While I still have to do my homework each day, I now feel that I am between 90 and 95% there of having excellent core contractions when doing my ab work. Part of my homework is also letting my abs have constant role in just basic breathing with everything I do. I would definitely recommend people to see Julie if you have low back or SI joint pain, or issues with proper core contraction.

Thankful for Julie!

5 Stars

March 2, 2018 by Karin on New Heights Physical Therapy Plus

I have worked with Julie on and off for the past 5 years for various issues related to fibromyalgia, pain in my neck & shoulders, and low back pain. She has taught me a great deal about my body and how proper breathing and technique is imperative to strengthening the body without injury. She is an excellent listener and her superior observation skills and knowledge allow her to hone in on which exercises would most benefit my needs. She is kind and an excellent teacher. I have benefited a great deal from my PT sessions with Julie. I am very thankful to have worked with her and I will continue to work with her as needed in the future.

If you want a great PT….

5 Stars

March 1, 2018 by Molly on New Heights Physical Therapy Plus

Julie is a fabulous PT! She possesses a broad base of knowledge and a wide range of therapeutic interventions that she applies so competently in her practice. She's a great problem solver and actively engages the client in the therapeutic process.. She is supportive of unique needs, encouraging and customizes home programs that work. I have been working with Julie for several months with excellent results and highly recommend her to others.
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